Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2018

God above~by William Thomas Fearby



God above

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She sits in front of a bay window
Looking out at the world passing by
The nurse brings her daily medication 
And wipes a tear from her eye
She sits in the same chair that she has sat at
A thousand times before
With her pride and dignity stripped from her
Dribbling on to the floor

All life has drained from her face
Her eyes stare out to nowhere
Her face carries all the many scars of life
Framed by her silver hair
Her life is nearly over, a life that was once
The envy of the hoi polloi
She was once a ballerina, her stunning dancing
Brought so much joy

She hasn’t spoken a word since her one and only love
Was cruelly taken away
She just sits in this old whickers chair
Staring out of the window day after day
They say she is waiting for her lover to return
But I think she is waiting to die
She sat and nursed her lover till the very end
But not one tear did she cry

Not one word has she spoken since that day
When she whispered to him goodbye
For ten years she has sat staring out the window
Watching the world go by
With a heart so badly broken she sits and waits
For her lonely life to end
She has no strength to carry on living
Without her lover and her best friend

And as she draws her last breath
She feels her life ebbing away
Then a smile spreads across her face
She’s eagerly waited for this day
At last she thought, she would be reunited
With her one and only true love
So she lifts her weary head up and says thanks
To her God up above

William T Fearby 11/03/2017
(C)@William T Fearby

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