Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2018

Hey girl~by Nalini Starr



Hey girl

Hey girl
Are you still missing
The one you met online
Is he always on your mind
Or are you leaving him behind
You fell in love with him
Deeply, foolishly, blindly
Knowing the love was never meant to be
Are you still thinking of him constantly
Does your heart still race
When you remember his face
And his memories you cannot erase
He said he loved you too
And you believed his love was true
But you knew he couldn’t be with you
Do you pine for him so much
And wish you were still in touch
Do your tears still flow
Are you regretting letting him go
Do you wonder if he’s missing you
And pining for you too
Is your heart in pain
knowing you may not see him again
Do you wonder if he’s feeling the same
Do you still think he’s your one and lonely
The right one for you
And you would rather be lonely
Instead of finding someone new
He begged you to block him
Because seeing you brought him pain
Are you thinking of unblocking
And rekindle the old flame
Even though you know
The love you both shared was in vain
Or will you try to move on
And erase him from your heart
And make a brand new start
You know deep down
You should set him free
And stop yearning for a love
That can never be
It’s time to forget him completely.

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