Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 17, 2018

Hey guy ~by Nalini Starr



Hey guy

Hey guy
Is she still on your mind
Are her memories fading away
Or do you still think of her all the time
Every single day 
Is your heart still in pain
Thinking about that special one
Knowing you won’t see her again
Because she has moved on
Or have you decided
To forget her completely
Knowing the love you shared
Was never meant to be
It was a love in vain
Doomed from the start
Which caused so much pain
And broke your heart
Do you still wonder
If she still thinks about you
Or if she’s forgotten you
And found someone new
Are you hoping
She will give you another chance
And come back to you
And rekindle the romance
You think she cannot forget you
You believe she loves you too much
And you believe that one day
She will get back in touch
Are you prepared to wait
For that day to come
Or will you try to get over her
And finally move on
And stop pining for the love
That’s long gone.
You asked her to block you
And she did it unwillingly
So you should let it go
And set your heart free.

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