Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2018

Doubt’s Dragons~by Pasithea Chan



Doubt’s Dragons

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Doubt is a stream that flows like a scream

rolling a ball with changing sides with every fall.

Inside, are dragons driven like opposite wagons.

One white with clarity, another black with worry.

Both fight to be on top in feud’s bop

as doubt bobs, reflections cut-

life-stories short with actions cot.

Only truth’s sun can make doubt run

and hide behind time’s trees, like a tide.

While on the run the dragons begin to pun

reality through tragedy tuning in personality.

Once white is up hope dabs dreams

with peaceful blues until doubt

rolls to infuse apathy into clarity.

Then black gives anger the upper

hand feeding intention’s hunger with a stand.

Minds are skies clouded by replies

heard by a heart that denies tries

or plies with lies like pries

opening doors with byes.

Events skew lies with whys

for those unwise, but the wise

get past the whys to welcome the byes

as a prize not a paid price.

Doubt can bob its dragons’ blob

flowing through flaws with woes.

hypnotizing does;

but truth is a sun that burns those that shun

from reality’s actuality: clarity.

Life is a chess where white

starts the mess trying to spread light.

But worry is a black mess

spread by those blocking the light.

Reality is a sky reddened by feud

fed by events skewed in words spewed

across truth’s sun like a course

set by force exerted by remorse.

Dragons breath fire, into life’s lyre

but souls and hearts transpire

hate’s eyre or desire mire.

Balancing on doubt’s tire

is a dire task and a skill to admire.


  1. Nice play of words, love the poem too, the message given is interesting. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more from you. 😊😊😊

  2. Thank you Zeckrombryan for appreciating my work and the encouragement. You can find more of my work on Ello under Pasithea Anima Libera. Have a great day.

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