Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2018

ODE TO MY DAD~by Aendgzel Roze

A poem I wrote for dad… Happy bithday to you in heaven…
I love you… forever💜

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

It’s been two decades of your absence
Quite long, but your strong presence will always exist
You, the pillar of our family’s strength
Remained here, and will always live
Intricately at the bottom of my heart
Your unwavering love’s what keeps me going
Through and through on this life’s up’s and down’s
There were times I felt so alone
I simply close my eyes and felt your comforting hugs
Through the lingering silence
Sometimes, I can hear your laughter
Reverberating softly with the wind
Then I’ll be okay and gaze into the sky
As if you’re just there behind the fleecy clouds
Smiling back at me like a guardian angel
Unceasingly caring and loving me from afar
Yet so near that you dwell inside me
And I promise you’ll forever be embrace by my heart.
Purple Roze©

image photography by: Aendgzel Roze


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