Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2018

Passion’s Enunciation~by Pasithea Chan



Passion’s Enunciation

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In the ether I stay having all the say

watching you stray and fade away

until you learn to obey to find your way.

Your life I sway, your destiny I play.

You are a clay I mold with may.

Your mind I splay in actions for display.

I am the way drenched in desire’s whey

yet contained in your scheme’s interlay.

I am your fay who is fey

driving you through paths I portray.

Forward is my path, imagination my breath.

Desire is my stride, hope my color.

Decision is my form, plans my frame.

Perseverance is my posture, resilience my touch.

Patience is my voice, curiosity my soul.

Challenge is my heart, mistakes my shadow.

Walk towards me to find your future.

Avoid me to fall on your face.

Stare at me to waste your life.

Walk ahead of me to bury yourself.

Walk with me to build yourself.

Lose sight of me and I’ll blind you.

Deform me and I’ll take you apart.

Dreamers love me, assholes hate me;

Gogetters obey me, bigots walk past me;

Thinkers serve me, losers defy me.

Winners hold on to me, fools lose me;

Innovators assert me, hypocrites deny me.

Who am I?

I am the v in virtualization

the capital I of imagination

the s in sense to realization

the small but terrible “i” in inspiration

the “o of oh” in omniscient

the notorious n of navigation

I am vision

your route to self completion

through achievement’s expression;

dreams’ manifestation

and success’ formation

cleansed from losses’ defamation.

I am vision, passion’s enunciation.

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