Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2018

The manuscript~by Manuel Renaud



The manuscript
( a forgotten tale )

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

“Deep in the shadow
In this extinct volcano
For a long time
In the memory of fire
In the bowels of those dozing lavas
These cold separated metals
Scattered in the mists of time
Forgotten by many
Concealed by those who know
Silent keepers
Just before the threshold”
The handwritten text ends there
My friend smiles at me
And his look goes away
He translated it for me
Murmured to my ears
“It looks like Tolkien…!”
I tell him naively
He smiles at me once again
And nothing to me he answers
And his glance comes back
A whole world in his eyes
That I don’t understand
“It would be rather wise to keep it for you”
He says to me
With a mischievous tone
Almost thoughtless
“You have my word…!”
Then I replied to him
“Don’t tell the wind of it
Don’t tell the roots of trees
Don’t think about it under the rains
Of those days of fall
If you lit a candle
Mat its flame be the one
Which enlights the sky“
He paid his coffee
Despite my insistence
He said to me :
“See you soon…! Who knows…?”

Manuel Renaud

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