Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 20, 2018

I see you everywhere~by Sarala Balachandran



I see you everywhere

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I see you everywhere
Wherever I look
I can see none but you 
I feel a lotus petal
I get the feel of your cheeks
I feel a rose petal
I feel your lips
I get a fragrance from
Some far away worship place
I get your body fragrance
I look at the ripples in a stream
I see you floating with a smile
I hear my heart beat
I feel it’s yours !
I reside within your heart
In that warm corner
reserved for me alone !
When I hear the footsteps
I hear your anklets !
You have gone far far away
Leaving me alone in this world
I can see your hands waving out to me
Inviting me to your cozy lap !
Waiting for the day I will be
One with you in heaven
With our pranks we played on earth !
I cherish the love we shared
The looks we shared
your grip on my shoulder
The walks we had hand in hand
And the coziness of our bed
The blue nightie you wore
On the wedding night
All now a dream, a dream only
Till we meet again !
I sit at your grave every day
Talking to you and playing
The sweet music you loved !
Oh! God don’t drive me insane
Take me to my beloved
To rest in her loving lap

©® Sarala Balachandran
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