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The Box~by rldubour



The Box~by rldubour

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Long, long ago in a far away land,
With waves of the ocean and pure white sands.
A magical wizard would bury his box,
Wrapped up tightly with his magical locks!
The wizard was dying would
not last a day,
The box he placed secrets
and put safely away.
Who ever can learn
the secrets of life,
Can open this box
on the fourth full moon night.
Thousands of years
and maybe more!
The box lay there buried
as the waves washed ashore!
It seemed that this box
with the locks all around
Will be buried forever
and never be found.
There is a young lady
having mystical dreams.
Night after night with her
visions it seems.
She would dream of a wizard
in a far away land.
Of a box wrapped in locks
and buried in sand.
As she grew older
her visions were clear.
The dreams kept on coming
would not disappear.
She saw waves of the ocean
with pure white sand.
Her urge was to strong
had to find this magical land.
Leaving her homeland
was off on her search.
Wherever it took her
She valued her worth.
With no idea where she
should start.
She knew that she had too
the dreams now in her heart.
Long years of searching
ignoring her needs.
Well versed in religions
Had thoughts to concede.
She lived quite a life
a story be told.
About to give up her vision
now feeling old.
Her dream is now haunting
One last choice she would make.
She found the wizards bible
with mention of a magical place
Her vision was clear
on what she was seeing.
The clues that she found
lead to the south Caribbean.
She also did find scriptures
wrote from a King.
It told of this wizard
that could do magical things!
Before the wizard had passed
He made a promise.
In time one will come
to the island of Saint Thomas.
She knew for certain
where to go for her search.
Although she was older
Her quest must be of worth.
Her mind and heart
confirmed this was the place.
She will find where her dreams were
make no mistake.
Excited and tired
she fell asleep in the sand.
As she woke this incription
was wrote on her hand.
“Who ever can learn
the secrets of life.
Can open the box
on the fourth full moon night!”
She started to feel youth
back in her life.
Her dreams coming true
Journeys end was in sight.
To be close to the box
all locked up real tight.
Only a week till
the fourth full moon night.
Time will pass quickly
she has to act fast.
To find the box full of secrets
Buried long in the past.
She felt she would find it
never had doubt.
To find this box
was what her dreams were about.
With one night to go
till the fourth full moon night.
Was nearing her quest
that spent most of her life.
The night of the fourth moon
had come and gone.
Saddened inside she wondered
what she did wrong.
If she only knew
the first night on the beach.
She slept by the box
was right in her reach.
She would not find the box
that was locked up all tight.
That she had searched for
almost all of her life.
She forgot one thing
the wizards advice.
Who ever can learn
the secret of life.
No woman or man
No matter what sacrifice.
Are forbidden to learn
The secrets of life….

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