Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2018

A strip of light ~by Peter Forster



A strip of light

A strip of light
Runs beneath the blind
Clearly defined
Sharply edged
Free from the interference
Of colour
Remote from meaning
Other than as a shape
Barely dancing
In a breathless wind
An escape from humdrum
With no object
Other than to be
Unless it holds
All possibility within
Its confine
In essence
It remains true
Even should a hand
Move across
Blocking the surface
From the source
Leaving a shadow
Perfectly formed
The band reproduces itself
On bare skin
Free of infraction
It grows deeper
More elongated
As the sun moves
Across the sky
The heat of the day
Invisible light with
Limitless potential
Is wasting away
Photons melting
In self-sufficient
On an eggshell wall.

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