Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 21, 2018

Minutes Away~by Mhizta Chisom



Minutes Away

With every ticking my heart beats
With every sound of it I feel alive
With what I possess someday won’t tell
But till then let the beat be pleasant

I hear a replica to my heart
An embodiment to my soul
Which moves as breathe to be gone
While there’s ponder to every quarter

Tick tick tick tick tick tick
The sound like an evolution
Cutting every piece of age
Cycling I could tell it’s rage

If I can tell it right
Play the jive loud to hold
No joy lost while the good is achieved
Pain be an illusion while conqueror stills

My life and it’s time mingles
Waiting for point to smile to fate
In this mind no fear hides
Only love for time in sight

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