Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2018

Atemporal~by Pasithea Chan




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A heart cold with never

finally travels forever

journeying to find its lover

beyond every earthly tether.

A will let down by however

goes down lust’s hill whenever

it’s shown the way to better

under the light of together.

With praises flowing in prayer

the traveler becomes seeker

and seeker an aspiring lover.

Thus never becomes forever.

First comes surrender

followed by an earthly slumber

into the palms of the Giver

on a heavenly adventure

Worship for a follower

separates a believer from a sinner.

Reverence for a believer

defines worship as His Right.

Reward for a trader

heaven or hell’s dweller.

Charity or beneficence for a beggar.

Out of all four,

only one traveler

is crowned as master;

Beneficence’s beggar:

A soul starting as a follower

climbing a divine ladder

only hoping to see its lover.

Behold the divine gazer.

A divine gazer

is a soulful mirror

gazing with splendor

unto love so atemporal.

Forgetting heaven and hell

right or wrong, to wander

away from life—a temporal

slumber where winner or loser

is defined by cry or laughter

where freedom is an answer

given by an omniscient Creator

where love is for love and love

conquers temporal with atemporal.

Author’s Notes: A mystical poem on love’s divine ladder.

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