Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2018

Daily missive for Friday the 23rd of November~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 23rd of November

A sibilant storm
Twists with majestic
Precipitation flickers as if
A shoal
Of whitebait
Shadow dancing
Swimming in a heat haze
Not just the lonely,
Barely thinking
Of self-protection
Are unprepared,
Everyone is caught
In the summer rain.
Hot and steamy
Draped together
Gathered beneath
Drooping awnings
Collectively secure
Soaked for a moment
In pre-wash mode
Feeling the cool drift
Of a withering breeze
Clothes hanging, creased
Sticky with salt and sweat
The sun a torment
In a treacherous sky
As the energy of the day
Leaks into the cracks
In the pavement
Sensitive eyes smart
Pollen washed through
Every drop an irritant
Whatever happened to acid rain
How would we fair
In a nuclear winter
Ashes to ashes
Is there any life on Mars
Are the storms dry
Blow me down
With a feather boa
The sky is clear
The air breathable
Excuses are made
Embarrassment is assuaged
With a shy smile
Red rimmed eyes averted
Straightening ties
Smoothing skirts
Rainwater drying
On bare legs
Alligator shoes
We shuffle on
Dripping dry
Into a used
Teabag afternoon.

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