Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2018

Hindsight*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDXL ~> Hindsight*

CDXL ~> Hindsight*
(Opus440 ~> Hindsight)
Hindsight is twenty-twenty, so they say;
Yet you never chart your trip on hindsight.
Those things you could have done differently,
You cling on to stubbornly mighty tight;
Gladly concede some points without a fight:
Watching temptations, you cannot rehearse;
Matching decisions you cannot reverse!
Propose if you must, to live in the past,
Events seem to fall beyond your control;
Hoping this debacle shall be your last,
You spruce up and rebound in principle
Vowing next time around to give your all:
That next time around proves too elusive;
Renders hindsight ground much too invasive!
Hindsight provides your frame of reference
To determine pitfalls, you should avoid.
It’s bound to make a world of difference;
How you might stay grounded on the right side
Of every tricky right and wrong divide:
By hindsight you are made to understand,
Why forthright insight is in great demand!
*Hook image (JoyWithMe4RevieraBeach2H440.jpg), wading with my lovely niece landward of the breakers, photographed by Krystyna, my wife.

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