Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2018

Loneliness~by Gift LC Nyirongo.




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I am alone
I am all alone
No sound of my friend nearby 
Only the enemy singing me a lullaby

Patience pays and destiny signs the cheque
But I count the days and fall in the same pit
Cause happiness is expensive
Loneliness is decisive

I don’t have someone to hold hands with
Instead I put my hands in my pocket for warmth
Loneliness is the language I am fluent at
I have been like this from the start

My door leading to love has been barricaded
Premature Happiness just escorted me up to the dead end
My rumbling stomach, I long lost the taste food
My loneliness has been in this box since childhood

Telling me to think outside the box
My life stands as a paradox
Life bites hard
Crying so loud

No one hears my calls
Thorns greeting my bare toes
As I try to run away from reality
Am puzzled with this cruelty

Tell me what I did wrong
I greet people every morning
These silenct battles are killing me
Is there anyone willing to be with me?

By : Gift LC Nyirongo
Pic Credit : Lone hearts

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