Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 23, 2018

“PROTÉGÉ”~by Timothy Payton




I remember the first time I seen her…
Those beautiful brown eyes, smile and glow…
She intrigued me…
Something inside wanted to know about her…
I went to her page…
And noticed a ms. Poetry on there…
I had to speak to this woman!!!

I hit her on messenger and ask…
May I speak with you and she responded Yes for a few minutes she could spare…
I call her and hear her say hello…
She had me smitten right then and there and we talk for 4 hours!!!!

Since that day on May 31st 2017, me and ms. poetry have had our ups and downs, had a spell where we took oou brakes, due to having people in our lives and ears… And personal demons that would take over and sabotage.

But we got back together and gained a much better respect and relationship with each other!!!

Not a lot do or will understand our love and loyalty for each other for so many reasons…
But our love is an emotional love, something that is very rare nowadays and so many only pray and wish to have!!!

Me and this very special young lady, kassandra Kay Phoenix, have accomplished and achieved this very special milestone and are continuing to grow emotionally, spiritually, and loving!!!

And I’m ever so thankful and grateful to have someone like her in my life!!!
And praise God for bringing us together into each other’s lives!!!

And me choosing you as my poetic companion and protege.

I love you very much Ms. POETRY!!!

Written by Timothy Payton



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