Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 25, 2018

BILLY’S WISHES~by Nalini Starr




Image may contain: 1 person, night, child and eyeglasses

Santa sits on his chair
Patiently waiting to hear
The wishes of every girl and boy
Asking for that special toy
Santa has been sitting for a long time
Dreading the long line
But he has to be nice and jolly
Although he is getting cranky
He wants the day to end because
He would rather be with Mrs. Claus
But Billy was last in line
And oh boy,what he had in mind
He sat on Santa’s lap
And had a long chat
His Christmas list was long for sure
He kept asking for more and more
Santa never a list list this before
Santa listened patiently
What a generous boy was billy
Asking for gifts for all his family
Even for his friends too
Santa wondered if he could make his wishes come true
There was no end to his lists
Can Santa find all those gifts?
Santa thought to himself,what a good boy was he
And he knew he will never forget Billy
But he will try his best
To make his wishes come true
As all Santas try to do.



  1. Billy’s wishes will come true..if not many then perhaps few

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