Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2018

“MARS” ~by ‎Martin Gedge‎



POEM “MARS” by martin gedge

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From the dark side of the moon
as clear as brilliant light
a sea of stars from planet mars
came pouring through the night
I stood there still with wondrous eyes
from shadows down below
to stand amazed like purple haze
watching wishes as they go
I dream of some uncharted earth
beyond the reach of man
a time and place with open space
and well within the hand
of crimson red and paradise
with signs not in despair
a modern kind of new in mind
a life without a care
no promised lies or sorrow cries
no fake and foolish heart
no push and shove but hope and love
to light the fading dark
and every sun to shine its face
through casting clouds of grey
no storm to fear no battle near
in garden fields we play
with just one wish to offer this
to cure an ailing cause
to save a breed in dyer need
and fix the very flaws
to circumstance a brand new chance
to reach beyond the stars
and maybe find the human climb
is not that very far……

by martin gedge©

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