Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 26, 2018

Second Chances ~by Frank Pastorelli



Second Chances (Nov 2015)

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Our love was strong
But the timing was wrong
And our love decided
We didn’t belong

Though it wasn’t planned
Now here we stand
Smiling hand in hand
With a love so grand

Where there may be fear
There is no doubt
That the love we share
Life’s all about

When I saw your face
I instantly knew
Despite years apart
My love for you grew

Chemistry so strong
Our spirits belong
Your lips pressed to mine
Our hearts sang a song

Always connected
Though we knew it for years
My eyes met your eyes
Could have brought me to tears

You jumped in my arms
Our souls found their twin
Reunited and thinking
Where have you been?

From a heart turned cold
Full of hope and excitement
Of what the future may hold

Circumstances are tough
Obstacles for sure
The road may be rough
I’m prepared to endure

Certain I am
That we are the truth
In you I have found
My fountain of youth
Ill fight nail and tooth
Whatever it takes
Until peace fills your heart
Until all doubt erased
Devoted to you
Not a second I’ll waste
At the top of the top
You will always be placed
Ill make you my queen
This promise I make
If this is a dream
Don’t let me wake

As real as can be
The chains are set free
Together forever
It is you and me
I pray that you see
With a certainty
That our time is now
I ask you humbly
To trust in your heart
Please give me this chance
Just one more dance
Your life I’ll enhance
Despite circumstance
With Beautiful romance

Our love is strong
Timing no longer wrong
And our love decided
We do belong

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