Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2018

Beautiful Eyes~by Rini Valentina



Beautiful Eyes

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I tried painting you in my mind
I took the waves as brushes and take the wind as a canvas
I invited the rainbow as the color of choice I want to pour it
And I forced the moonlight as a light when the sun was gone
Then I let the star sparkle accompany me when the naughty black clouds began to cover up

I tried painting you with the simple words into rhythmic sentences
I gave a little spice of love to make it feel sweeter and refresh
You must be happy
Looked at me with a shining face and beautiful of charming eyes
Made me vibrate when the canvas in my hand started painting you

I let my fingers live every detail of your face
Paint you with a singing heart
Live in the hope that you will always be here
Accompany me through the day and night
And I let my soul admire the beauty of your eyes

I tried rubbing the brush on the canvas again
More slowly and gently because I’m afraid
Afraid that the erratic beats in my heart disturb your ears
Awaken your dreams
Would like you to invite me to join your dreams?

With the whisper of the wind and the waves of seduction that were still accompanying
I stare deeper into your eyes
I give a question with silent lips
Can I translate the meaning of your eyes looking at me?
Or just leave it as if I don’t know …

Borneo Indonesia, November 26, 2018 (10.15 pm)
Rini Valentina

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