Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2018

Daily missive for Tuesday the 27th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 27th of November.

There is more than an ocean
Stretched between us
However wide and deep it may be
I have waited
As waves have broken
Along the shoreline
Washing at my feet
Resisting the pull
Of the turning tide
Sinking ankle deep
In golden sand
Pining for an answer
To questions that were
Tossed into the wind
Only to be met by silence
As they were whisked
Into the divide
Swallowed whole
Into the extent
Of the void
Every word a blueprint
Of a life
I used to know
Carried in the belly of the beast
To gosh knows where
Held hostage
Twenty thousand leagues
Beneath the sea
Waiting to be spewed out
Onto a distant
Deserted isle
Words just cast away
Carried off
Into the wonder
More than just an ocean
Reinforcing separation
More than just a distance
Of finite measurement
Between us
But the desire to float
Into the blue
Until the transit
Is complete
Compels me to commit
These tortured words
Unto the sea
Where they might
Find safe passage
And be rinsed clean
Washed up as
Something more than flotsam
Relieved of
Old meanings
Finely beached
On the leeward side
Of stormy waters
At peace

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