Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2018

In My Mind~by Nathan Antoine



In My Mind

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I needed to go places
So I rolled up
Took a puff 
And cascaded galaxies

I never knew
The solitude of my own mind
Could be such an amazing place

It’s just
When I’m having a rough time
I think thoughts that arrange themselves
As if I’m having a conversation

The first thought knows to phrase itself
As a question
That I must now answer
But these answers
Know to phrase themselves
As more questions
That too require
An answer

And now I’m left with
So many words
In my mind
That are all working
For you

The doors are closed
Because I am afraid
Of what you might find
In my mind

You know
There is a galaxy
Up here
In my mind

Don’t only adore my mind
Indulge in my mind
Grab my hand
And let’s take a walk
In my mind

Or maybe
Find a wall
And become a fly
And just sit
And observe
The symphony
In my mind.

Nathan Antoine
The Reach
All Copyrights Reserved

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