Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2018

Christmas Visitor~by rldubour

“Holiday Greetings”


Christmas Visitor

Image result for Christmas Visitor lady dressed in red apparition



Every year about this time we get company

The lady in her red coat as pretty as can be.

With collar made of fur and a matching cap

Long white gloves and golden hair, everything to match.


She never said her name and always comes alone

It makes me wonder if this used to be her home.

For this house is very old and stood for many years

If these walls could talk would they tell me of her hopes and fears?


She tells me things that I should do and I don’t ask why

Of issues that matter most and that I should comply.

This lady in the red coat says she loves us living here

Reminds her of a life before lost among the years.


The holidays are special as she once had said

Christmas is her favorite that’s why she’s dressed in red.

She looks around the rooms and she is very pleased

And I know that after Christmas she is going to leave.


She must have placed this special home deep inside her heart

That’s why she comes back every year just can’t seemed to part.

I wonder when my time does come if she will still come by

To visit those that live here or to just say hi.


For now I do look forward as she just appears

She is the Christmas lady, of the past and future years.

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