Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 30, 2018

Endearing Ironies*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CDXLIII ~> Endearing Ironies*

CDXLIII ~> Endearing Ironies*
(Opus443 ~> Endearing Ironies)
The solution in search of a problem,
Mimics putting the cart before the horse.
Solving non-problem needs scapegoat for blame
Willing to gamble and lose last recourse
To maintain semblance of superior force:
Superiority might not be the truth;
Just make it more credible than uncouth!
The contrition in search of infraction,
Like the punishment in search of a crime,
Should use a paradigm substitution
Before it runs out of precious prime time;
Protecting its reputation sublime:
With righteous indignation you defend
Beliefs you just begin to comprehend!
Endearing ironies of life begin
When you observe, at birth, most babies cry.
It’s even taken as one healthy sign
That newborns vie their misfortunes defy,
Rather than show acceptance with a sigh:
Strong evidence that life proves never fair
When given birth before you were aware!
*Hook image (CosmosP30Orion2H443.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Cosmos cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription

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