Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2018

Daily missive for Friday the 30th of November.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 30th of November.

There will come a time
When the cold
Has worked its way
Into the bone
Numbing the sorry soul
Before it has a chance to
Find its way home
And frozen the hands
Of the eternal
As they
Pass across the face
Leaving this moment
In constant repetition
A question
On the lips
An ache about to become
A searing jolt
Of recognition
As the full weight
Of loss is revealed
Would that moment pass
Before the damage
Is complete
Frostbitten souls
Make sorry companions
Chilblained hearts
Will never grow to love
As every ounce of
Energy is wasted
Keeping the blood warm
A climate of indifference
Gives cold comfort
To the grieving widow
The broken man
Hell-bent on self-destruction
Before the clock strikes
If the shoe fits
The witching hour
Will fast approach
There is no escape
The parting of the ways
Is written
As more than fate
Cast in doubt
By subtle undertones
Of disbelief
Even as bargaining begins
In reckless abandonment
Of a truthful search
There is a rage
Hidden within folds
Of darkness
Denial is a cage
With no escape
Unless you step
Beyond such narrow confines
Closed arguments
Travel in straight lines
Break new ground
Bathe in the warmth
Of the newly found
With a rainbow bridge
Cast in sunlight
It is a pathway
Feel its power
Spread through your chest
It is time to rearrange
Time for change.

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