Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2018

Pain, without love~by Ricky Berns



Pain, without love

Pain, without love
Pain,Can’t Get Enough
Pain, I like it rough
Cause I’d rather feel pain
than nothing at all

Pain is a drug, its addiction is worse than all
because its a product of love, that will be payed for at any cost
Decitful people the plug
robbing the love
from the innocent
cause they give it away
crave to be intamiate
my argument sound legitament.
most just wanna be polygamist
intamiate sinners, wanting forgiveness
sweet nothings the tool to the hyptnotist
hurting thier partner with out care or doubt
just to fill thier days with bouts of shouts
the innocent slowly becoming
like thier partner with every decitful sweet nothin
break the cycle continous hurting
lets all start loving.

Pain without love
Pain cant get enough
Pain i lile it rough
Cause without pain id feel
nothing at all

spouse isnt the only thing im talkin about
Ya see my parental figures
are as guilty as any spouse
you see becasue the raised me
i loved them unconditionally
they had a diffrent agenda
abuse was my daily dilemma
see why im laying this out
tired of this emotional drought
wish everyone could see with my clarity
my kids are and will always be my legacey
all parents should think on that carefully
Maybe the we can leave this circle of pain
in graved in all our Brains.
Teach our children love
wpqhen they take the reigns
that plain is where they stop the train.
Lets change the world, wouldnt that be great.
Like ending hate.
Our kids could grow old in a place
where peoples love isnt fake.

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