Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 2, 2018

HEALED~by Nalini Starr




They say time does heal
And I believe that’s true
I no longer feel 
Anything for you
I thought my heart
Will always feel
The pain you left behind
Now it’s beginning to heal with time
I used to get goosebumps on my skin
Whenever I think of you
Now I do not feel a thing
And this is true
I never thought there would come a time
When you would no longer be on my mind
I thought your memory would forever stay
But now it’s fading away
A little more each day
I am thinking of you less and less
I am no longer in a mess
I don’t fantasize and dream about us anymore
Like I used to do before
I used to shed many tears
Since you left me
Now my tears don’t fall anymore
Now my heart feels free
It no longer bleeds for you
It has healed completely.
And you are out of my system finally,
They said love can never die
But I believe that’s a lie.

N. Starr
Dec 1-2018


  1. Love this!

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