Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 3, 2018

BLACK CLOUDS ~by Bipul Kalita




I walk along a riverbank
not ever trying to see
if its water reflects me
’cause I know
it carries my thoughts
feeding me
with its soft waves’ music.

It cools my poetic anger
reminding me
of my mortal nature
with profound desires
to drink
immortal drinks of poesy
that free air can provide me
on the bank of a floating river.

Springs of my life renew me
every year
every moment in weal and woe
prompting me to be loyal to nature
and, I walk along with innocent joy.

But black clouds even hide the sun
as the ones have hidden me
from myself
with their tricky games- hide and seek
confusing me
where I’ve left my heart without head.

But I’ve not left the riverbank
’cause it is always civil
’cause it cleans its banks’ dirt
providing me a solemn platform
to be man in search of human hearts.

Copyright@Bipul Ch. Kalita, 02.12/2017

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