Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2018





I’d Be Sitting Home Watching Rain Cry Down My Window
Rain Is Water & Water Is Life, But I Sometimes Ask Myself
If It’s Like That, Then Why Do We Call Bad Times Rainy Days
Mom Switching Off The TV Cause Charged Steam Keeps

Bouncing Into Each Other, Forming Lighting With The Roar
Of A Lion, Wind Blowing Like We’ve Got The Dryers On
Eventually It Stopped To Rain, Saw The Sun Out, Travelling
To The West, Where It Will Forever Set, Heard Birds Whispering

Thought It Was One Of My Friends, Went Out To Check Who
Is It, Unfortunately There Was No One There, But Fortunately
It Was A Cool Day, My Lungs Felt The Fresh Air From The Smell
Of Wet Soil & Dripping Water Leaves On Trees, Its Summer

As I Feel The Breeze On My Skin, My Flowers Blooming, Eish!
Trees Bearing Fruits, Time To Rip, The Spring Did Its Job, Man
Its A Blessing That I Am Still Here, After All, Thee, Alone Against
You, Heavy Ink Sweating Thick Sour Liquid, This Is My Thing

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