Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2018

LOVE IS YOU~by Piya Ghosh




When you say that you love me
The echo of your voice resonates
With the tinkle of my silver anklets;
Your ringing laughter synchronizes
With the music of my glass bangles;
The sparkle of your eyes reflect
On the mirror of my dark iris;
The vibrations of your love songs
Make my skirt move and swirl
As I tiptoe,gyrate and pirouette
In pure ecstasy of love.
Your throbbing desire kindles
The glowing passion coursing in my veins,
You ignite as well as douse the fire.
You are the seed of ancient love
Embedded in the womb of my old soul.
You are love and love is you;
My quest for love begins and ends in you,
When you say that you love me…

Piya Ghosh~ 11-12-18

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