Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2018

” Poetry and Dolly”~by Timothy Payton



” Poetry and Dolly”

She speaks to me through songs like Bumblebee,
So many thoughts and colors,
Like a ever-changing butterfly Be,
I’ve learnt and studied her for so long,
She’s my first love,
Once I discovered her…
A Heavenly light shined, followed by doves;

I’ve confined into her, making notes as I go,
She lives and breathes emotions,
And take her everywhere I go,
She’s my heart that thrives,
My Third Lung,
And when I want to express…
She rushes in with a inspirational hug;

I care and uplift her,
Just like a parent with child,
She is part and my journey,
To see this grow throughout,
So much to write, so much to show,
So much to accomplish, is the ultimate goal;

One of the best things about her,
Is she makes me feel alive,
Gives me hope and Light,
To know that everything is going to be alright,
I hold her close, she’s a part of me,
Wouldn’t be the same, if I couldn’t Express these;

The words, these lines,
this dear woman of mine,
Since being in my life,
You’ve helped expand my mind,
And since I’m speaking on two very special beings,
These very beautiful and talented ladies…
Poetry and Dolly.

To Kasandra Kay Phoenix Ms POETRY


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