Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2018

The Thought Leadership – 2 Shape Shifting Thought~by Bhagirath Choudhary



The Thought Leadership – 2

Shape Shifting Thought

Is there any doubt ?
My thought cloud
Unfolds the shape
Exactly like I imagined
As verily so I desired

Thought shifts the shape
Much like my audio tape
It repeats exactly same
As I had recorded

It happens live
In front of my eyes
As a live Kaleidoscopy
Thought Cloud shifts shape
Like time lapse photography

In one moment
I am a benevolent sage
Next I shift the shape
Like a mercenary
With a criminal rage

Who is there ?
Shifting the shape
Yes, it is me
Who draws the mind map

So I become
The very mind map
By shifting the shape
As I desired
As I appraised
As I sought
I become my thought
A saint or brat
I become as I thought

My thought clothed
With the morphology
And a living biology
Goes out upon earth
And it behaves
Like a heist or hearth

My intention
If holy and humble
My thought cloud
Dresses itself
Like in a holy Shroud

Not only I become
My very thought
But I also eat
As I very much sought

Like in a restaurant
In downtown Hong Kong
Straight from the water tank
I order from a live ala carte

The chef
Takes out a live fish
From the water tank
As my desire or a prank
And cooks the fish
As my ala carte dish

The fish
Becomes my dish
Fish takes the shape
Like my own mind map

Cooked on slow heat
Like a proud king’s treat
Or roasted on high heat
All happens and dances
On my own drum’s beat
As I, myself so please

In front of my eyes
No trick or no cries
All happens live
As I become
My own belief

I transfigure myself
With a slow
Unfloding shape
I transform my biology
As a time lapse Photography

As my intended desire
In the same manner
My thought becomes
My very desired dinner

© Bhagirath Choudhary
All rights reserved
December 11, 2018

To be continued …..

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