Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2018

“Geography”~by Michael Graves




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North, South, East, West are
directions made for an Earth
once thought flat — before
it got wrapped


a sphere.

Quite adequate for making your way across town;
or for sailing a wide, icy polar sea.
Lacking in dimensions, though, for plotting
the truly interesting course:

In which direction lie dreams?
In which direction lies birth?
In which, death?
Where is last week?
Where is your kiss
from once?

Where is the time
we spent lying in the sun?
The time that we spent laughing
in the dark; breathing; spent?
Which direction do I travel
to get it back?
To return?
Or to move forward?

The dervish whirls, but
does not travel.
Thoughts run rampant. Yet never
leave the spot.

Waves wash against a foreign shore, yet never
leave the ocean.
The hawk flies high and straight.
Between the clouds.
He crosses the mountain with ease, yet never
escapes the sky.

In which direction is beyond?
In which direction is tomorrow?
In which direction is next?

–Graves 12/8/17

I am happy to announce that my book “Messages in a Bottle: Communications to My Future Self” took one of the top awards given by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association in 2018.

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