Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 12, 2018

LORD AM TIRED~by Gift LC Nyirongo




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If it means delaying these other prayer requests
I have no problem with that
All I need you to set me free 
I am lost in my own quest

To find happiness
To find love
To fight for relationships
Which I never had

Sleep doesn’t help when the soul is tired

My eyes are failing me
My legs are giving up
My emotions are bottled up in me
I feel like giving up

I always end up losing this game
Trying to figure it out
To be in a family tree
Its like my branch is drying out

I just want to be free
From deep thoughts
About tomorrow
Help me to live free

Like a prodigal son
Am on my knees
Kissing your feet this noon
Am weak, am in pain
I am thirsty for a breakthrough out of this cocoon

These visions keep fighting me
Like a battle of the brave
I play as a slave
Lord am tired being me

Change my identity
I am lost in this insanity
Pain in my chest’s cavity
So prone to negativity

I just want to be free.

To the outside world,
When am asked about how I feel
I will happily say to the world

By : Gift LC Nyirongo
Picture credit : Depressed Club

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