Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2018





Picture Heavy Ink As A Blind Stallion, Me Strapped To It
Going Around The Amazon, Then We Passed By A Chameleon
Camouflaged Itself With The Colour Of The Big Green Leaves
Off At California, Under Palm Trees, Now Got Myself A Gun

In My Arm, Mom Busy In The Kitchen, Doing Her Thing, Making
Green Salad, Ey, Eey, True Write, At The North Point Of My House
I Have A Tree That’s Popular In My Country Called Ever Green
Cause It Remains Green All Year Round, No Matter The Season

Catch The Rastas Rocking Three Colours, Red For Blood
Black Representing Identity & Green For The Beautiful Plants
That Grows Natural, Man, Marvel Comic Knows Green Lantern
Says In Darkness He Should Bring Up Light, Where I Work, We

Wear Green Overalls, That’s Life, Grew This With Precaution
Like One Doing Plantation In A Green House, Its Summer, The
Scene Greenish, Green Is Organic, Peep, Peep, Some Woke Up
This Morning Puffed Some Sticky Green To Get Them Started

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