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I ‘m looking for a pretty girl
that will cherish my fancy dream,
by bathing in loves dales upstream
a girl who will flirt with the flaws 
of shores abiding by the laws
of storms with the sense of adventure.

I ‘m looking for a fairy queen
whose heart craves for a love story,
by swearing just by love’s glory;
a girl who sees love in mine eyes,
on the dull days of cloudy skies
taking them for a sheer tincture .

I ‘m looking for a seer angel
who will light the world with her smile,
nursing everything but the guile
which brings about nothing but pains ,
and the horrible shade that stains
the lure of love in its fixture.

I’m just looking for my soul mate
in her fair platonic aspect,
Greek gods yore treated with respect
By carving statues from marble
Mined from soil nubile and arable
That falls in love with one gesture.

I’ll find her and she’ll be the broad
Who will take away my whole fears
Once we snuggle in love and tears
knowing what to do for the best
Then our light love shall stand the test
Of time which impairs love’s structure.
Say amen.

Copyright@Amine Jotfi December142018

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