Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2018

My mother’s tears~by Oluwaseun Kelani



My mother’s tears

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Tari,did you hear
The voice of mama
Yesterday, when labour pangs?
Held her down the wall
When she couldn’t move
But wailed in her tears

Did you see
How her blood painted the room?
How she groan in pain
How she crawled
From the toilet to the door
How papa basked away in alcohol

Did you hear Tari?
When she screamed out
How her voices sailed out
Into the voiceless ocean
How she held her head
How she dealt with her faith

Did you know
How she laid in her room?
Bare and open
How she held the door handles
Holding them tightly
I stood there in tears with you in my arms

Tari did you see?
How our little baby crept out
Stiffed and his cry could be heard
Covered with gums
I have no idea of
Swept out easily after mama’s groan

Did you see?
How mama held him?
Even in her swollen face
I could see a smile
Did you see her heart
How it jerked out for mercy?

Did you know what happened later Tari?
When that man walked out
Did you see
How mama cried so loud
How she was held by other women
Our little baby just died…


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