Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2018

SPECIAL~by Piya Ghosh




He was quirky yet special,
Unique and exceptional,
Witty with a wry sense of humour,
Domineering and cynical;
With a misty mind and a shadowed past,
With a soul full of scars and blemishes;
With a heart which would bend
But could not break
With eyes which would freeze,
Could never shed tears.

But there was a certain beauty
In his imperfections,
Magic in his madness,
Poetry in his mystery;
She could never lie looking into his eyes,
She was keen to gamble everything for him,
She was willing to encircle him
With her love’s light
And make him shine once more;
This was the first time she believed in herself,
In her trust in love…

Piya Ghosh~ 12-12-18

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