Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2018

WAVES~by Saroj K Padhi




Waves know it all.
Then they chased us like naughty kids
fond of fun, frolic and run, 
closing in their salty arms around our necks,
wiping our tears with kerchief of stars,
surrounding our dreams
like nude pebbles around moon-blanched sands
till their wet body soaked in our souls
into the perfume of their foams
filling magic love in all the wet strands;

though initially you shuddered
like a fish caught in net,
slowly you shed all your coyness
like a new wed, after crossing tough test !

But strangely now you walk along the waves
like an old friend walking the talk
as I chase both of you romancing with wind,
pushed by a strong memory of past waves
I too am hurled into
the whirlpool of a youthful mind !


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