Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2018

” SANTA CLAUS “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” SANTA CLAUS ” by martin gedge

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He’s a spirited old fella from his hat to his boots
a brass belted buckle around the reds of his suits
there was a smile in the joy from the holly of his soul
with a laugh that would jiggle from the jello in his bowl
with whiskers stretching wide as his beard hanging down
you would hear humming music as he made his way around
He called of every reindeer in a tune that was composed
by the light of every fire and each chimney that he rose
filled up all the stockings as swift as he could be
all the goodies and the presents that he laid beneath the tree
a glass of chilly milk and a cookie flavored snack
raised up to his feet and threw his sack upon on his back
and turned with a sparkle and a wink of an eye
and up went his spirit as he took to the sky
and deep into the distance in the stillness of this night
he yelled “MERRY CHRISTMAS” as he flew out of sight
Now you can take the reigns and wear it on your sleeve
but the best thing of Christmas is choosing to believe
so share in all magic and join in all the fun
a time to spread good will and peace to everyone
the joyous of the season with the blessings from above
to send it from your heart with good tidings and your love..

by martin gedge ©


  1. Love it… Makes me believe in Santa all over

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