Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2018

DEAR DAD (Part 1)~by Gift LC Nyirongo



DEAR DAD (Part 1)

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Am writing to you this, while sitting on your gravestone
I want to let you know that am broken
In a million pieces I cannot be shaped in one stone
I feel betrayed and forsaken

Without saying good bye, you had to hit the road
To the darkness
You were the best I never had
I wish you were here to answer my questions

Why did you have to go without saying goodbye?
Every time you left for work
You would come close to me and kiss me goodbye
While lifting me up as you gave me a peck

How sudden was this journey?
That you forgot to kiss goodbye to your angel
Tell me its just a game of hide and seek, cause its not funny
I miss you for real.

Every time I sleep
Thinking dad would come home
Death called you through your sleep
And you had to answer the phone

Every time I was lost
Dad would show me the way
Even when facing a ghost
Dad would carry the day

It was just a privilege
Growing up in your muscular arms
Whenever you would talk, your deep voice gave me courage
While laying on your tummy, dad I miss your voice

Even though my dreams and wishes
Don’t make a perfect sense
I wish I could wash the dishes
In your presence

Proving to you that am a grown-up girl now
A pride of an African soil
I want you to rest for now
In piece say hi to mum under this soil

You left a princess
In a cold world
I remain voiceless
Let my story be told

End of Part 1

By: Gift LC Nyirongo
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