Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 19, 2018

I Knew A Man~by Kevin Montoya



I Knew A Man
(POEM, about the contemporary art painting)
By: Jovencito de Tarlac

Image may contain: one or more people

I kew a man who wishes to settle down
He wears his loneliness just like a crown
I knew him a lot now I knew him not
He suits his miserable life and knot.

He close his eyes to see himself
But when he opened his mind I saw myself
An infant in reality, yet a dotage to think
I knew he it is not knowing what he think.

Now he disappear from being who he was
And being frozen of what was really he would be
His crown passed to her filthy past
He wore a colorful mask and clothe a glee that would last.

I never knewed who he is, It’s just I
Who think for him not for am I
He is he and am who am I
I knew a man who never wishes to die.


“We all knew a man who hides himself to the smallest part of his inner soul, yet a man lacks faith that shall be planted in his face of grim that could be grown and rippen.”
-Jovencito de Tarlac


Note again:
Painting – A Contemporary art by me inspired from THE SON OF MAN by Rene Magritte
Title of the Painting – I Knew A Man

Thankyou so much for appreciating my Poem

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