Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 19, 2018

The Black Hulk~by Nathan Antoine



The Black Hulk

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I am more than what you think of me
Even though, your history
Writes me down with shame
Or completely never-minds
My name
Still, your secrets whisper
I become a green monster
When I’m angry

I’m no Hulk
He is only
The imaginary me

What if I were angry
Really angry
I’d start at the gym
So that I could actually
Look like him

And then step two
I’d learn to think
Just like you

Whoever you are

Now in my
What you think of me
State of mind

I’m pretending to be as whole
When conquered
Divided I am

One part of me
Will always look in the mirror
And see
The you
You think of me
And know
He is not who I am

But then I’m confused
And can’t figure out why
Why only the imaginary me
Is celebrated
But I’m feared
Even though
I am more than what you think of me

And never mind my limited options
Because I can’t be
A nerd
Read a book
Or even have bad day
Like the imaginary me

Because the real me
Is a threat
And this is sole fact
But not because I am green
Or red
But simply because I’m black

And It’s the irony
The stereotypes of me
I just want to live.

Nathan Antoine
The Reach

All Copyrights Reserved

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