Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2018

” DEAD OF THE NIGHT “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” DEAD OF THE NIGHT ” by martin gedge

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T’was the eve before Christmas and all through the night
all the shadows were moving by the pale of moon light
the kids were all restless in the wombs of their bed
while the visions of nightmares were evil and dead
me in my boxers and my wife dressed in lace
had all settle in for a moment of grace
then shook from the shudders I saw in the thick
but the sound of some moaning that was rather quite sick
so I rose from my slumber to see my surprise
the dead of a zombie in a red suit disguise
he lunged to my throat barely grabbing a vein
and opened his mouth and went straight for the brain
in the chill of the moment I went for the rack
loaded my rifle and sent one right back
right through the temple and down to the floor
still moving not shaken but came back for more
I emptied the chamber and blood stained the wall
while pieces of zombie around me would fall
then all went still silent I gathered my head
laid down my body and went back to bed
turn over the covers to comfort the wife
when I noticed her sunken and breathing no life
the puddles of red would fill like a pool
all over and pillows and drowning in goo
I panicked and shivered and went on a spree
as the bullets would fly by arranging degree
and come from the ceiling the steps that I hear
but the sounds of more zombies getting closer and near
I run to the children and the scurry of feet
with a tasting aroma at the smell of fresh meat
back in the corner as death follows suit
the beast from the sleigh all blackened like boot
sent out a whisper with a limb to his lips
licking the blood from end of its tips
and lets out a holler that chisels the bone
deadly and evil intense with his tone
I am of the cloth that legend it bares
red is my suit and all he who dares
covet the stories for all that is told
I’ve wrestled for years out here in the cold
I picked such a night in the month of the freeze
with the giving of thanks by spreading disease
and you are so lucky the fear that you see
not many of your kind see the faces like me
I cannot leave presents to those left awake
but prey on the innocent for souls that I take
So open your eyes and take this to heart
then he slipped right away back into the dark
but I heard from my window as he slipped out of sight
next year I’ll return in the dead of the night…

by martin gedge ©

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