Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2018

DREAMS’ SHORE~by Bipul Kalita




Swimming across
a lot of painful views
I have to reach dreams’ shore
defeating their huge passionate waves.

I weigh words
inked in lips of desire
spelled by drops of tears
to dig my own heart and mind
diving into the depth of my life.

Powerful winds blow
bullying over my soft feelings
to define emotional corruptions
that chain our precise conscience
and I have to fight for its liberation,

Eyeing stern eyes
corrupted eyes
pull their sights back
plot against my noble strength
to prove their rented moment’s power

Time will weigh me
in the process of testing truth
that I have to taste at any cost
till I reach my dreams’ clean shore.

Copyright@Bipul Ch. kalita, 20/12/2016

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