Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2018

Let’s make a memory~by Fred Tunks



Let’s make a memory

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Sometimes it’s just happenstance that two
lovers meet so let’s make a memory girl
and let’s make it sweet
This chemistry we share doesn’t come around
often so let’s make a memory we can take to
the coffin
Let us begin with a candlelight dinner
How ’bout steak and lobster? It’s usually a winner
Well I just love your eyes and I know that they’ll
haunt me as we wash down the meal with a
Spanish Chianti
Next let us go cast a wish into a fountain
Then we can jump in the truck and drive
up on the the mountain
I know just the place
There’s a waterfall there
I’ll slip off your dress as you tie back your hair
Our hearts they can dance
While our skin starts to tingle
Water cleansing the soul
As our bodies mingle in the fresh mountain air
With reckless abandon not a worry to bear
Let’s lay out on a blanket there on the ground
Under the moonglow, beneath the stars
You be my Venus I’ll be your Mars
Let’s play some music then, though keep it down low
Let me send you to heaven babe, then bring you back slow
Yes let’s make a memory ‘neath a Colorado sky
we’ll keep deep inside ’till the day we
both die! © frederickgtunks

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