Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2018

Poem Fear~by Beverly Faera



Poem Fear

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We have been friends
For quite a long time
Little did I know you are not a good friend

Tormenting my mind
Making things seem real in my eyes
But yet you are just a mirage in a desert
You seem real but you are just an illusion
Filling me with confusion

I admit I was such a fool in,
Allowing you to influence
To control and navigate
Giving you the wheel to drive
Slowing me down
Got me sinking in your deep water
You Lough as you watching me drowning
Yes you did try to
Leave me without a chance
Eliminating me in the track
You forced me to shut myself
You have been hunting me

But you see,my destiny is in my hands
And it’s not too late for me
To look you in your hollow eyes
And say no,never again.

Today I’m awake ready to chase you away
I have no space to accommodate you anymore
There was nothing to be gained by keeping you
You cannot survive any longer in my host

Above you I rise
I’m replacing you with bold
It’s time to take off the mask
And the world will know who I am

You will not exist never
Not even in my vocabulary
Fear it’s time I face you

Written by Beverly.Faera

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