Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2018

SANTA’S LEAVING~by Nalini Starr




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Santa is looking for a new wife
And he wants to run away
He is fed up with his life
In the north pole he doesn’t want to stay

He wants to jump on a plane
And get away from Winter
He cannot bear the cold again
He wants to go somewhere hotter

He doesn’t care about making toys
He’s closing down the work shop
No more gifts for girls and boys
His work will finally stop

Santa wants to go to another country
Where the grass is always green
No more snow he wants to see
He wants to go to the Caribbean

He heard about the ladies on the islands
They are beautiful and sexy
And Santa has a plan
So that’s where he wants to be

He wants to ditch his sleigh and reindeer
And drive a Rolls Royce on the street
And he will travel everywhere
Having fun with the people he will meet

He wants to party all night long
And dance to reggae and calypso
Santa just wants to have some fun
So away to the Caribbean he will go

No more north pole for this Santa
He’ll be enjoying sun,sand and sea
And life will be much better
Away from his cold country

He’ll look for a lovely lady
And maybe make her his wife
He’ll stay in this hot country
And enjoy a great life.


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