Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 22, 2018

LET’S~by Nalini Starr




As we sit around our Christmas tree
Opening our gifts with glee
Let’s think of the ones out there
Who have nothing to open this year

As we jump for joy by what we got
So many gifts Santa has brought
Let’s remember the girls and boys
Who never got a Christmas toy

As we go around hugging each other
Mother,father,sister brother
Let’s think of those that are alone
Who don’t have anyone to call their own

As we sit around the table to eat
Enjoying so many different treats
Let’s give a thought to those who might be hungry
With not a scrap to fill their bellies

As we go to sleep in our warm beds
With happy thoughts in our heads
Let’s think of the homeless on the street
That’s where they have to sleep

So let the true meaning of Christmas shine
And let’s all try to be kind
To the less unfortunate ones out there
Let us show them love and care
Not only at Christmas time
But all through the year.


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