Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 24, 2018

A Christmas Story.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for the 24th of December.
A Christmas Story.

Bring me home
Dig up the bones
Buried beneath the dust
Of bygones
Where the worms lie
Flat and dry
In the heat of an unforgiving sun
Everything passes
Even the thought
Of dying ended with the last breath
As hot blood salted
The earth
Staining it forever
Nothing really mattered
But the empty place
At the table
When the speeches were made
Christmas would never
Be the same
Laughter doused in tears
The pinprick
Of absence
I felt for you then
As the ground rose
Up to meet the sky
Just for an instant
It was soft
Floating on memory
The grass smelled as fresh
As the zest of a lemon
Warm folded towels
Fruitcake and brandy
Grandma’s homemade
Ginger wine
Sunday best
Easter bonnets
Posies carried by maids of honour
A boutonniere
A corsage on prom night
Wreaths on coffin lids
A rose in the grave
So many
Lie with me,
Too many
Over the years,
There are no great wars
But a great many
Lost souls
Looking to
Find their way home.

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